Happy Harvest

Happy Harvest Corporation is established in 2003 in Taiwan.

As the significant development of veterinary medicine,pets live longer and we are happy that we now have more time with them. However, at the same time, there are more pets who are suffering from diseases and illness that come along with aging and modernized life, such as stomatits, allergy, asthma … These are usually chronic illness that needs long-term caring.

We believe that with research, we can find natural ingredients that help our pets combating their chronic illness, and might even help reducing the use of pharmaceuticals which may cause negative side-effects.
We are pet parents ourselves, and we stay close to veterinarians.
We listen to vets’ experience and their needs in current clinical treatment.
We work with Veterinary schools, laboratories and experienced vets to find the best and science research proofed nutraceuticals.

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