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The electronic Veterinary Dental Scoring programme (e-VDS) is an online dental charting software available for all veterinarians. It is a valuable tool to improve communication with your clients. The core part is a printout with your clinic data and logo, which the clients receive after dental services (in E, D, F, I, Sp, PT). While the basic version is a tool which is mainly aimed to support the general practitioner in his daily work, the advanced programme provides a wide variety of scoring options for more advanced veterinarians. The scorings can be kept as patient’s history sheets.

The results are scored with mouse clicks on dental charts (created and with the kind permission of David Crossley) for dogs and cats, for primary and permanent dentition. Clinical findings are scored in coloured marginal markings, while treatments and missing teeth in coloured full markings of the tooth. Currently there are only English, German and French available as screen language. 

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Trying to be not at all excessive some adaptions have been created: for dogs the classification of tooth fractures is very detailed (but only one term for tooth resorption), whereas for cats tooth resorptions are very detailed (but only one term for fracture).

A lot of attention has been paid to all inflammatory findings. The classification of periodontal disease, mobility and furcation can be scored in detail according to the official staging published by the AVDC, whereas gingival recession and enlargement can be scored in millimetres. The periodontal probing depth is measured at four points (mesial, buccal, distal, lingual/palatinal) and can be scored in four figures which provides quite a good impression of the situation.

Calculus is scored as an overall scoring. There is space for description of oral masses. Normal occlusion and malocclusion class 1-3 can be selected with mouse click. The selection of terms for ‘orthodontics’ provides good options to define the situation of a class 1 malocclusion more precisely.

A new feature is the option to upload x-rays and photographs. At this stage the images cannot be implemented in the printout.

The assessment can be downloaded and saved as PDF. A printout of the scorings with your clinic data and logo is thought to be handed out to the pet owner. For this reason the terms on the printouts (available in E, F, D, I, SP, PT bur easily adaptable to any luanguage) are in everybody’s language. For paper work and for residents there is an option of an ‘Academic Printout’ with all official terms according to the Committee of Nomenclature of the AVDC.

There is a possibility to perform a basic evaluation for statistical purposes with the option to select one issue within a selected period of time.

For more convenience in daily work, e-VDS can be integrated in Practice Management Software (PMS) that use the e-VDS web service. This system avoids the need to enter data twice. PMS sends owner and animal data to e-VDS software directly, as commonly occurs for digital x-rays 


User information:

  • Any person can use the e-VDS by creating an account
  • Basic version: is free for everyone
  • Plus version: is only free for EVDS members
    • After first login the user has 30 days free trial
    • After that period of time the user either has to become a member of the EVDS or pay 40€ for a yearly license
  • The e-VDS can be used from any computer of the clinic with the same license as long as the same user name and password are used
  • EVDS members: there is only one option for an email address for login, the one noted in the members’ database
  • If you want to change the registered email address to your clinic’s, please proceed here (http://www.evds.org/login)

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